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<a href="http://www.nba2k18lockercode.org/2017/11/the-best-source-to-acquire-nba-2k18-locker-codes/">NBA 2K18 locker codes </a> The NBA 2K18 locker codes generator is extremely simple and easy to use. Given below are the simple instructions that can lead you to your destination. The website for the NBA 2K18 locker code generator can be easily reached through the link provided in this page.Once you have reached the link, you will have to first choose the console on which you play the game. Please note that the program and the algorithm will slightly vary from console to console and it is highly important therefore to pick out the right console.Now you will have the options to choose the VC amount for which you need to generate the locker code. It can be anywhere from 5000-100000. Now here you also have the option to get a diamond player locker code. So you can either choose a locker code for the VC or go for the one that unlocks a diamond player.
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