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Educational Psychologist

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Started teaching in 1990


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Working in Children's Services
Specialist subjects: Psychology, Pedagogy and professional development, Special educational needs, Personal, social and health education

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My story-telling for childre began when my own children were young and I had no idea how to bring them up. They had to be taught many things, from washing their hands to crossing the streets, and I wanted them to be happy. For instance: I had to repeat endlessly to my small daughter ‘Lift up your feet when you walk’. Couldn't I think up some other, to change this? What kind of imagery would appeal to her? Once I’d thought up: ‘Walk like a fairy’ she was capable of keeping it up effortlessly. I had fired her imagination to walk and even to eat like a princess! When I later practiced modern hypnotherapy (M. Erickson) I found confirmation of my idea that adults & children have the ability to heal themselves by using the talk and symbols of the child's imagination. So I started to write stories when parents asked my help for their child. I published them in 3 Dutch story-books. I hope my English stories on TES will be an inspiration to create & tell healing stories & tales to your children