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DurgaMata Chaudhuri grew up in the Quaker branch of Christianity. She spent a year in Northern Ireland before studying in Birmingham, Her husband is Indian and positive encounters with many different communities inspired her to train as a specialist RE teacher. DurgaMata has worked in multi-ethnic schools and as a facilitator for the University of the First Age. After years as an HOD, she started creating her free RE resources (viewed over 931,000 times, downloaded over 748,000 times.) Now semi-retired from teaching DurgaMata is keen to support her colleagues not just by creating resources and offering her Subject Genius Blog. She is seeking opportunities to come into the classroom to share her experience and especially to answer questions and aid pupils / teachers in exploring ways to quiet the mind, reduce stress and discover something of their own inner or spiritual reality. DurgaMata is also offering teachers a discount for her Meditative SilkPainting Workshops. 07944428756
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