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JOHN’S EDU-MARKET stands out for its unique share of resources and information, as they include well-planned lesson presentations, carefully designed scaffolder notes, and engaging-challenging task cards. This platform aims at bringing "tomorrow's lessons to today's classroom, and today's lessons to a classroom now".
John graduated from Bangalore University, who also holds Bachelor ‘s degree in Education (B.Ed.), Philosophy (B.Phil.), and Theology(B.Th.), has to his credit acquired 18 years of intense teaching and leadership experience in some of the leading institutions in India and the U.A.E.
His expertise lies in the art of student-led classrooms which uniquely aim to comprehend and demonstrate the dynamism and complexity of contemporary global processes towards holistic teaching and learning. He is involved in progressive and creative education, upgrading and adapting to 21st-century education. He is a licensed teacher in UAE, currently serves as English Head at Gems Education.

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