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JOHN’S EDU-MARKET stands out for its unique share of resources and information. Teachers can use these resources to support students as they include well-formulated lesson plans, carefully designed support material, and well-planned worksheets. This platform aims at bringing "Tomorrow's lessons to today's classroom, and today's lessons to a classroom now".

The Teacher-Author of this platform is an English graduate with a 1st Class degree. He has over 12 years of experience in the following subject levels: KS3 English Language Arts, English as Second Language; KS3 Mathematics. Additionally, he is a teacher-author at TPT, TES, EDUCENTS, TN and FB.

He is a post graduate having completed B. A. (Bachelor of Arts), B. Ed (Bachelor of Education), B. Phil. (Bachelor of Philosophy), B. Th. (Bachelor of Theology) and is specialized in Primary as well as the Secondary area. Presently, he is associated with The Westminster School, Dubai (Gems Education) as a Subject Leader of English.

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