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I am the author of The Scar Gatherer series, a sequence of seven time-travel adventure novels designed to teach KS2 children about different periods in English history. The series begins in Roman Britain and encompasses Vikings, Tudors, the Great Fire of London, the Slave Trade, Victorians and WW2. These books offer teachers a unique way of bringing to life the evolution of domestic living across the centuries, from food and hygiene to housing and transport, as well as developments in technology and changing attitudes to key issues such as race and homosexuality. The resources offered on this website are worksheets and activities I have devised for my own use in the literacy and history workshops I lead in schools. I also offer workshops on a wide range of writing skills from characterisation and setting through to editing and register. For more information about The Scar Gatherer series, or my school workshops, visit www.scargatherer.co.uk.