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Started teaching in 2015


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Working in Secondary
Specialist subjects: Government and politics, History, Citizenship, Personal, social and health education, Law and legal studies

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As an organisation of former teachers and school leaders, we want students to love politics, democracy and citizenship.

In a school system struggling to cope with the demands of exam results, curriculum restructuring, league tables and data scrutiny, these topics can sometimes be overlooked. We are here to enthuse, educate and engage students (and teachers) in these concepts.

We firmly believe that schools are crucial in preparing students for their role in a modern democratic society, where they understand how our institutions of government work and are engaged in the democratic political process.

We educate and inspire students - through fun student workshops, academic seminars, teacher training, schemes of work and holiday schools - to find out more about the democratic institutions, practices and processes of everyday life in this fantastic country.

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