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Joe Samuel is a classically trained pianist and violinist having studied music at Royal Holloway University of London. He has been a professional musician for 15 years, playing in a variety of successful bands on both his electric violin and on keyboard. He teaches piano, theory, harmony, composition and music technology ‘A’ level as well as teaching musical improvisation and comedy. Joe Samuel has been the musical director of the long running, BAFTA nominated sketch comedy show, ‘The Treason Show’ in Brighton for 6 years. He is also the musical director of ‘The Maydays’ improvisation group as well as being guest musical director for a number of other improvisation projects in Brighton and London. Joe’s interest in harmony and analysis has also led him to discovering a new way of teaching and understanding chords and harmony, and he now runs a project called SeeChord which helps students, teachers and songwriters hone their skills. SeeChord.co.uk is the hub of this project.
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