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I am an English teacher who loves his job. Without sounding too cliché, I feel incredibly fortunate to enjoy a career where I can make a tangible difference (hopefully) to the lives of the young people in our society. I completed my teacher-training through Teach First and feel very proud to be an ambassador of that organisation, particularly the values it stands for and its mission to reduce educational inequality. I do not need to state what a difficult (yet rewarding) profession teaching is, however, I believe only through collaboration – of our goals, effort and time, as evidence through our ideas, practice and resources – will we succeed in ensuring each and every child has the opportunity to fulfil their potential. It is why, with increasing regularity, I intend on uploading some of the resources I have produced over the last few years, in the hope that they may be of some use to others. Feel free to use, adapt and share.
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