1 in 8 believes UK Gov runs Scotland's schools

Local authorities already find it hard to convince people they do a good job running schools, but now a survey has found they will first have to persuade them that schools are even their responsibility

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One in eight in people in Scotland believes the UK Government runs schools north of the border, the latest Scottish Social Attitudes survey shows. Only 36 per cent realise local authorities have that responsibility, while more people (37 per cent) think the Scottish Government runs schools.

Some 11 per cent admit they have no idea who is responsible for schools, while a small minority (1 per cent) thinks it is the European Union.

The findings suggest "a lack of clarity about the division of responsibility between different levels of government in Scotland, particularly in relation to schools", the report states.

Only a minority thought educational standards were falling. Those who did were more likely to blame the UK Government, while those who thought standards were improving were more likely to attribute this to Scottish Government policies.

When people were asked who ought to have most influence over schools, the Scottish Government came out on top again - at 46 per cent - with only 42 per cent saying local authorities.

The survey, conducted in 2010, also asked people whether they expect councils to listen to their views.

Only 21 per cent thought their local council would take "a great deal" or "quite a lot of notice" of their views on plans to move some schools in their area; 37 per cent thought their local council was "very" or "quite good" at listening, compared with 22 per cent for the UK Government, and 45 per cent for the Scottish Government.

The attitudes survey, based on around 1,500 face-to-face interviews carried out by the Scottish Centre for Social Research, has taken place every year since 1999, with the exception of 2008.


11% admit they have no idea who is responsible for schools


Original headline: One in eight believes Westminster runs Scotland's schools

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