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Last month's top 10 downloads for 11- to 18-year-olds

1. Equal opportunities
Is everyone treated the same? Do we change our behaviour depending on the person we are with? Ask students to think about equal opportunities as part of laying down ground rules for the class.

2. Team building
Get your students to work as a team by challenging them to build a wigwam, construct a roller coaster out of newspaper or make a paper platform that can hold two bricks.

3. Icebreakers
Activities such as Fear in a Hat, Call My Bluff, and Unique and Shared will help you to get to know your class.

4. Quiz time
What is round, white and laughs a lot? Why did the farmer feed his pigs salt and vinegar? Test your students' riddling and joking skills with this unusual quiz.

5. Strengths and weaknesses
How do your students think they work best? Ask them to reflect on their strengths, weaknesses, dreams and aspirations by filling in this questionnaire.

6. Discussion toolkit
Build your students' conversational skills with this discussion toolkit, full of activities and ideas to fuel a classroom debate.

7. Facebook template
Engage your students by getting them to create profiles with this realistic Facebook template, which includes a timeline.

8. Body language flash cards
Get moving with these body language flash cards. Ideal for a lesson on non-verbal communication or for teaching about theatre shows and mime.

9. Codebreaking
Why study codes? Find out with this resource about everything from hidden pictures in binary strings to the mathematics behind credit card numbers.

10. Grammar basics
Start the new term as you mean to go on with these "desk drawer" grammar flash cards, covering punctuation, tenses and more.

Find these lesson plans at bit.lyTop10SecJuly2013

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