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18 months in the life of supply teacher Amy Gehring

Biddy Passmore and Joe Clancy report on the educational fall-out from the revelations following the not guilty verdict on sexual assault charges against a temporary biology teacher.

August 2000: Amy Gehring arrives in England. TimePlan checks police records in Canada and UK

September 4: Sent to work at Sunbury Manor school, Surrey.

October 10: Suspended after TimePlan notified of allegations that she had "thrown herself" at and passionately kissed a 15-year-old pupil. TimePlan's director of education, Chris King, notifies DFESof allegations. (Phone call disputed by department). Police called in, do not press charges but start investigation with social workers.

October 25: TimePlan Surrey director, Rob Stonier, telephoned by police and told charges dropped.

October 26: He writes to Surrey child protection team saying he will re-employ Ms Gehring. Promises to send notes to DFES, but does not until January.

November 1: Ms Gehring works at comprehensive X. Declared risk to children by Surrey child protection team, who say she should be referred to DFES for inclusion on "List 99".

November 2: Works at Woking high school.

November 3: Returns to comprehensive X. Meets Rob Stonier and police child protection team member at Staines police station. Told case dropped.

November 7: Works at Bishop David Brown school, Woking.

November 9: Works at St Catherine's RC middle school, Raynes Park. Surrey child protection team writes to TimePlan, saying she should not be given another teaching job.

Rob Stonier files letter, does not pass it on to TimePlan's director of education, Chris King, and does not notify DFES.

November 13: Sent to work at Woking high. Surrey police write to Chris King saying charges dropped.

November 20: Starts short-term contract at comprehensive X. DFES receives letter from Surrey police detailing allegations, saying not pressing charges or continuing inquiries but not stating she posed a risk to children. DFES starts procedure for possible inclusion on List 99 and does police check (negative).

January 5 2001: Suspended by TimePlan after allegations of sexual relations with two brothers aged 14 and 15 at comprehensive X.

January 8: Surrey police tells DFES about new allegations.

January 15: DFES writes to TimePlan for facts.

January 24: DFES gets TimePlan reply including letter from Surrey child protection team.

February 4 2002: Jury at Guildford Crown Court find her not guilty on three charges of indecently assaulting the brothers and not guilty on a fourth charge at direction of judge.

February 5: Education and Skills Secretary Estelle Morris asks Department of Trade and Industry to start informal inquiry into TimePlan.

February 6: Newspapers report Ms Gehring plans to go back to Canada. That she has hired literary agent and is expected to sell her story for a six-figure sum to a tabloid.

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