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19 Arrested Development gifs that sum up the experience of an Ofsted inspection

And now the story of an ordinary school that got inspected on everything and the one teacher who had no choice but to keep it together. It’s Ofsted-ed Development.

Just as you’re about to head home, the call comes in. Ofsted will be in tomorrow. You try to keep your spirits up as you head home.



You go home and get to work, thinking about how your week might turn out.



You consider ways to avoid the week ahead.



But, eventually, you get talked out of it. 



After staying up all night worrying and replanning your lessons, you head into school with a positive attitude.



Your first attempt at winning the inspector over doesn’t go too well…



…but you plow on with your all-new, all-differentiated lesson plan regardless.



At the end of the lesson, you get asked some questions…



...and you try to give clear, concise answers.



You feel like it’s gone well. Then you get back to the staffroom and replay the lesson in your head. 



Your colleagues try to empathise, but it doesn’t quite work.



After all the pain, the tears, the worry and the planning, you get told your lesson only got a rating of “Good”.



Your senior leadership team gives the staffroom some valuable feedback about the inspection.



You head home for a well-deserved rest…



…and try to remember a happier time...



...before realising that you have to come back in and do it all over again tomorrow.

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