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25 Years Ago

When the time is ripe, a reasonably good case can be made for siting a new university in the Highlands, says a report released at a conference in Inverness. A sponsoring committee made up of local authorities in the north, the Highlands and Islands Development Board and the area's MPs has recently been considering the steps necessary for establishing a Highland university.

PA Management Consultants Ltd was engaged to prepare a report, which says the time is not ripe for a new university, no new university being envisaged for the next quinquennium. The consultants think there is a good chance that a decision will be taken towards the end of the next quinquennium to set up a new university.

* The Educational Institute of Scotland wants the pre-service training of teachers so that each year's new intake comes in to schools at the start of the summer term. The shortening of pre-service training should be compensated for by extending the statutory provision for systematic training into the probation period, says the EIS.

Colleges would have to extend the activities of their field tutors, and schools make specific teachers responsible for probationer training. Graduates should be paid during initial training.

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