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25 Years Ago

Students from four Edinburgh colleges will act as pupils in the 1872 classroom set up as part of the national exhibition to mark the centenary of the Education (Scotland) Act. Moray House, Craiglockhart, Dunfermline and Queen Margaret College will send groups of 16 students to be taught by century-old methods in a formal environment: the long skirts, boots and frilled pinafores of the Victorian schoolgirl should be easy enough to find in the contemporary student wardrobe.

* The Edinburgh College of Domestic Science, one of Scotland's best known central institutions, is to change its name. In future it will be known as Queen Margaret College.

* Edinburgh University disciplinary committee have severely censured Mr Allan Drummond, SRC senior president, for his part in a sit-in at the university's offices in February. Mr Drummond described the decision as gutless.

* To judge by the congress of the Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association last weekend, secondary teachers are reaching a stage of unusual contentment - or apathy. The two days went by without any major excitement, and it was freely admitted that some of the reports on such necessary but generally mundane matters as superannuation and school building were given in rather more detail than usual largely to fill in time.

* The Association of Woman Advisers in Scottish Secondary Schools decided at its meeting in Pitlochry to disband. Almost half of the members have already been or are about to be "restructured", and in the amended Schools Code, which will become law on August 1, there is no post of woman adviser.

The association was formed in 1936 by a group of 13 women who were then lady superintendents. The first president was Miss May Andrew, later to become headmistress of James Gillespie's High School for Girls.


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