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25 Years Ago

Staff are being attracted in ever-increasing numbers from the smaller colleges of education to those offering degree courses. The evolving Scots pattern is of a division of the colleges into first and second class institutions, says the consolidated report (1966-71) of the visitation committee of the first General Teaching Council for Scotland.

* The Scottish Further Education Association has been accepted as an affiliate member of the Scottish Trades Union Congress.

* It will take some years to develop reasonably acceptable solutions to the great number of problems facing teacher training in further education, said Dr D.R. Griffiths, director of the School of Further Education, Jordanhill, on Saturday.

An independent inquiry into all aspects of teacher training in Scotland was called for this week by the Scottish Union of Students.

* The National Union of Teachers have published their proposals for a Teaching Council for England and Wales. They include compulsory registration for teachers in the private as well as the public sector of education as well as a once-for-all registration fee of pound;2.

* Some countries have difficulty in remembering that Scotland exists, or that she has been making her own advances in education. But not Australia. Mr W.R. Ritchie, HMI, who has been one of the leaders in the science curriculum revolution of the past 10 years in Scotland, has been granted a visiting fellowship under the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship plan to visit Australia for three months. The invitation is taken as a recognition by the Australians of the developments in science education in Scotland during recent years.

* An independent inquiry into teacher training has been called for by the Scottish Union of Students.

* Advertisement: C.F. Mott College of Education, Liverpool Road, Prescott. SENIOR MAN TUTOR

TES SCOTLAND, March 12, 1971

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