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25 Years Ago

The Government's acceptance of the principle of a negotiated maximum working week and a statutory maximum class size will have a profound effect on working conditions and salaries in the teaching profession, said Mr John Moore, in his retiring address as president of the Ayrshire local association of the EIS on Saturday.

A realistic appraisal and valuation of a teacher's function provided a clear case for salaries of up to pound;4,250 a year, an increase of 80 per cent on current rates.

* Edinburgh's two-tier system of further education is now becoming clear, with the opening of the new Stevenson College at Sighthill. The city now has Napier and the College of Commerce doing advanced work and Stevenson and Telford on less advanced work.

Stevenson is receiving courses and staff from all three of the other colleges: from Telford because the two "junior" colleges are to be complementary rather than overlapping. Both "senior" colleges are shedding courses to the junior colleges, although Napier's contribution is by far the larger.

* Students at Aberdeen College of Education have called for an independent inquiry into teacher training in Scotland. Miss Margaret Hart, SRC president, said the type of inquiry wanted was outwith the remit of the GTC.

* Raising the leaving age will be a cynical piece of political chicanery if there is not also to be more money for extra teachers and accommodation, said Mr Robert Scott, rector of Banff Academy, in his retiring speech as president of the Banffshire branch of the EIS.

TES SCOTLAND, March 19, 1971

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