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30 years ago

The "suspension" of the radical educationist R F Mackenzie from his post as headteacher of Summerhill Academy in Aberdeen, inspired the following poem in Scots by Peter Murphy, headteacher of Logie Secondary in Dundee and former principal teacher of English at Summerhill. It was published in The TES Scotland of May 3, 1974.

Whit's that? They've gien him the sack?

Nae afore time! Gie's mair o yer crack!

Nae man deserved better tae get the shuv, Gangin aboot sayin schweels are places for luv!

Whit next? Aa thae young ones need nowadays Is a gweed skelp - nane o yer sympathy and praise An sic like trash. Aabody kens whit schweels are for - Ye're there tae learn an dee whit ye're telt, Nane o this speakin back: that deserves the belt.

Teachers hae enough tae dae in the classroom Withoot fowk haverin oan aboot the impendin doom O Scottish Education, near deid frae a glut o exams.

But whaur wid oor lads o pairts, oor Jeanies and Tams Be withoot their O Grades, an their Highers as weel?

Na! Na! Oor kids dinna want a holiday camp, they want a schweel!

Ach weel, maybe things'll quiten doon noo on the Lang Stracht Noo that mannie wi the daft notions has been sacked!

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