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30 years ago

In what might seem to some a headline with a contemporary ring to it still, we reported: "Huts used as classrooms for 30 years" (TESS, September 13, 1974) - although the suggested answer then was block grants rather than PPP.

The present system of financing building is inefficient and should be urgently reviewed, representatives of 20 education authorities agreed on Tuesday ...

Mr James Anderson, convener of Stirlingshire County Council, said a quarter of the country's pupils were being taught in huts. These had been acceptable as temporary measures but had been standing 10, 20 and in some cases more than 30 years. Children taught in these huts were now seeing their children taught in them.

It was interesting that the proposed Scottish Assembly was expected to operate on a block grant which it would allocate as it saw fit. Local government should have been put on this system long ago.

The meeting agreed to press the Government for an urgent review... and for a new system that would allow authorities to...engage in forward planning for three to five years ahead.

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