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30 years ago

"Every effort should be made to eliminate corporal punishment in schools," according to Aberdeen education committee, reported in The TES Scotland of March 21, 1975. At this time, Aberdeen teachers could belt pupils from P4 up to the age of 16, but only according to the new rules: Excessive punishment must be avoided. It must always be made clear to the child why punishment is being administered. Grave offences and consistent bad conduct should be reported to the head, who may administer or sanction punishment and shall furnish in writing to the parent concerned information about the circumstances giving rise to the punishment.

Corporal punishment shall not be used in connection with homework, unless the teacher is satisfied that the case is one of obstinacy or laziness on the child's part; shall not be used in cases of truancy or late coming unless the head has satisfied himself the child and not the parent is at fault; should not be used on a pupil suffering from any kind of handicap - physical, mental or (when it is manifestly persistent and serious) emotional; shall not be inflicted for inability to do school work; may not be administered by a male teacher to female pupils in secondary; and is restricted to use of the strap on the hand only.

The strap shall not be in evidence except when in use.

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