35 pictures that'll remind you of your school days

Wallpaper on books! Compass graffiti! We look back on the archetypal images of a British education back in the day

Joshua Lowe

35 photos that will remind you of your school days

Earlier this week, Twitter user Michael Daniels asked people to share photos of British school life. 


He got more than 4,000 responses, with images and anecdotes of the weird and wonderful world of UK education.

1. GCP revision guides and study books

 2. Lily Allen shares her thoughts

3. School desserts

4. Tricolore Total

 5. These ropes (the bane of many lives)

6. PE kits have come a long way 

7. This guy 

 8. French skipping

9. Everyone loved this teacher 

10. Freezing swimming pool

11. Belting out the bangers from this 

12. Tagging time

13. These elite pens

14. Footballs that turned to concrete in the rain

15.  Health and safety nightmare

16. Whoever sold these benches had the market cornered

17.  Did these actually help with handwriting?

 18. 'Temporary classrooms'

19. 'Traumatising'

 20. Jam and rice pudding

 21. Maypoles

22. British bulldogs

23. Selling these 

24. Losing the lids was a nightmare

25. Big Trak

26. School wouldn't be complete without these...

27.  Something wicked this way comes

28. Life education centres

29. Strange pencil cases

30. The cure for all sicknesses

31. Jungle gyms

32. Pogs

33. VO5 got involved

34.  Only certain kids owned these

35. Conkers!

Send us your photos if we've missed anything at @tes.

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Joshua Lowe

Joshua Lowe

Joshua Lowe is a social media journalist at Tes. He tweets @josh_lowe

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