5 times when you really need your teacher bestie  

Whether you need a snack or a shoulder to cry on, they’ll be there for you - and thank goodness, says Emily Weston

Emily Weston

Best Friends

There are so many things I rely on my teacher bestie for. Some of those things are trivial, some funny, and others involve tissues, shoulders and ongoing support.

But do we appreciate them enough?

It’s time we recognised the value of our teacher besties: in the sometimes harsh world of teaching, they are often the only thing that keeps us going. 

And it’s time we double-checked we are reciprocating the role they do for us. 

So here are my top five times when a teacher bestie really is the best thing for you. 

1. You have run out of snacks

OK, I know. This sounds like such a basic one. But sometimes you have those days where you need a sugar hit and your drawer/cupboard/emergency snack supply is completely depleted. 

If you don’t get some energy from somewhere the day will be a write-off. So you go to your teacher bestie, asking to raid their drawer instead.

2. You need to let off steam

There are days, we all have them, when things just aren’t going right. A lesson you thought would be fantastic has fallen to pieces; a child has just hit a nerve; you just don’t feel yourself. 

And so you need to offload. 

Finding your bestie in their classroom is often the perfect solution. 

3. You’ve forgotten your lunch

It happens to the best of us. You get to school, go to put your lunch in the fridge and realise...it’s still at home (where your morale for the day is also now heading). 

Who else can you rely on to go to the shops with you and save your day from being tragic? 

4. You need your break duty covering

If you’re out on a course and need your break covering, it’s so much easier to ask your work bestie first. You know each other’s duties (and which you’ll end up covering) as well as being happy to owe them a favour (and options of when to cash it in!)

5. When it feels like things are really going wrong

Some people will be lucky enough to not ever need to go to their teacher bestie when it feels like something really awful has happened at work, or at home. 

But sometimes, something will happen that means you need to lean on someone more than usual. And this is when those teacher besties are really vital.

They’re there to help you get things done, maybe even be a mediator and most importantly, just check on a daily basis that you’re OK. 

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Emily Weston

Emily Weston is a Year 6 teacher at Tadpole Farm CE Primary Academy

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