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Academic prowess is not a reflection of ability to work

Most parents would be horrified to read the article "Girls' science should cover sex and masturbation" (August 14). They send their children in trust to be educated, but the sex free-for-all attitude has so damaged some girls that by the time they are 18 they are no longer fit to be a wife, mother or daughter.

I spent my working life in areas with huge social problems and, as a head, I had young single mums crying in my office, in utter distress because their lives were unbearable. They had been let down by our society.

Young girls should not be made to feel they are just sex objects and the breakdown of family life with all the social problems this causes won't be improved by schemes of this nature. There has never been so much sex education in schools. There have never been so many teenage pregnancies. Could there be some connection between the two?

Mrs ML Cook, Cottingham, Hull.

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