Accuracy a phone call away

I refer to the comment on your Jotter page in The TESS of August 29, "But what of the third leadership contender, Cathy Jamieson? Alas not a word from the former education minister on education".

Would that be apart from being the first candidate to mention support for young people from less affluent households who want to study at university? Or apart from what she said about transforming the early stages of primary education? Or what she has said about the plight of teachers at the end of their probationary year? Or her references to the stalled school building programme? Or her call for the transformation of sport in Scotland, with more investment in facilities in schools and delegated budgets for heads to encourage participation in sport?

I know times are hard, but the cost of a phone call could have prevented you from printing a completely inaccurate story.

Hugh Henry, campaign manager for Cathy Jamieson.

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