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The ACE centre

Clare Latham's work is part of the ACE centre's commitment to meeting the needs of learners with communication difficulties.

Based in Oxford, with a northern partner centre in Oldham, ACE does development work, assessment and training, employing therapists, teachers and technical experts. It's one of a number of projects involved in delivering aspects of the government funded Communication Aids Project, run by BECTA (British Educational Communications and Technology Agency).

In many cases, ACE's work is about ingenious solutions involving computers.

Currently under development, for example, is a means of directing a screen cursor using eye movement.

However, the work isn't all about clever software and input devices, says director Caroline Gray - hence Clare Latham's book.

"For many children you wouldn't start with hi-tech equipment," she says.

"In this case, we were concerned to develop a book that could be used and would also show people how to develop communication books, for adults and for children.

"Other people have made books, but sometimes they just have a lot of nouns, and that means you're not helping develop language."



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