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Ach well

"Tae speir at the Scottish Executive gin ony bairns hasnae been able tae rax their potential acause o bein learnt throu the medium o English by its lane."

Precisely. In other words, Rob Gibson, the SNP MSP who asked this transparent parliamentary question, clearly wanted "to ask the Scottish Executive whether any children have been unable to achieve their potential as a result of being taught only through the medium of English".

This would have been a fine opportunity for Peter Peacock, the minister, to show some ethnic credentials. Alas, the official response is as official could be: "The Executive does not have any evidence to support this statement. It is the responsibility of schools and teachers to ensure that learning, teaching and assessment support all pupils' progress and achievement, using whichever approaches and media best meet their individual needs."

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, really.

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