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Actor goes postal over rural schools

Oscar-nominated actor Pete Postlethwaite is reported to be brassed off about moves to close rural school classrooms.

The star of In the Name of the Father, whose children Will and Lily were educated at Wistanstow Primary in Shropshire, is backing a campaign to prevent school reorganisation in the county. Officials say low birth rates have made some classes surplus to requirements.

The actor, whose cheekbones are prominent enough to overthrow a government, has started a letter-writing campaign to make Shropshire County Council halt its plans.

He told the South Shropshire Journal: "We've written to everyone we can think of - Philip Dunne MP and all sorts of people.

"Shropshire is underfunded and that's what's at the root of the problem. We are supposed to deal with less than everybody else.

"It's always been unfair. It's all about the deal."

Ann Hartley, head of children's services for Shropshire Council, has been quick to reassure residents that there are no plans to close whole schools.

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