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Actors? We have our own supply;Letter

With regard to "Puttnam proposes stagecraft for teachers" (TES, June 12), I have no problem in recognising the need for some form of presentation or performance work for trainee (and, indeed, serving) teachers.

However, do we really need out-of-work actors to teach these skills? Why not use the skilled professionals already working in schools who would be able to impart the very skills that are needed, but are also well aware of the way in which they need to adapted for teaching? These talented people are specialist drama teachers.

Certainly it is always valuable to have a cross-fertilization from one profession to another, but for education it so often seems one-sided: How often does a teacher get asked by any other profession for advice, help or guidance? I await with interest the call from David Puttnam to see how I may help the British film industry.

Kate Armes 19 St Leonards Road Hove East Sussex

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