Ad enough

The new sickly-sweet teacher recruitment adverts have not only triggered complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (see page 1) but extreme cynicism in the TES online staffroom.

One contributor's proposal for a more realistic ad summed up the mood:

"Teacher leading conga of delighted but not out-of-control, spotless children, carefully selected for race, religion etc, down a corridor through bright, sunlit, well-equipped classrooms of smiling colleagues...

singing T-E-A-C-H to the tune of D-I-S-C-O. T - it's tiring, E - eats your life away, A - awful parents, C - chavs for pupils, H - HOLIDAAAAAAAAAYS.

Voice-over: "Yes, if you hate your current job, take a look at teaching - sucks in so many ways, but 12 weeks' holiday and a decent pension."

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