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Adams innocence

IT WAS a big day for the General Teaching Council - the results of its very first election. The date was set and the press informed. So imagine the GTC's consternation then, on discovering a potential clash with the National Union of Teacher's briefing session for hacks on their upcoming conference.

Worried that Fleet Street's finest might not attend both, they came up with an ingenious solution: charter a fleet of taxis to rush the Fourth Estate from the GTC's press conference in a Westminster secondary to Hamilton House, home of the NUT.

Unfortunately, as far as the pres were concerned, they forgot something even more important than the transport arrangements - namely, something to report.

Hacks were horrified to discover on their arrival at the (shockingly early) 9.15am event that not even a press release awaited them. Cue the recycling of Carol Adams's comment about low teacher morale.

Expect all this to change in the near future. From May, the GTC will have its very own press officer - Tim Miles. Tim is presently the Press Association's education reporter which means, we trust, he will ensure the press are well looked after.

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