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With ICT expenditure in schools at an all-time high, how efficiently is that money being spent? And why are there such disparities? How can you get the most for your money and ensure your school gets what it really needs? George Cole looks at the broader issues of ICT funding, while other writers examine the key issues in depth

Now available on the TES Online website ( are two pieces in support of this feature:

* Jack Kenny looks at the Community Regeneration through the Development of IT Skills project (Credits) in Cumbria. This has proved to be an imaginative way of putting extra finance, pound;100,000, into each participating primary school and its community to rebuild skills and confidence. As Owen Lynch, chief executive of the British Educational Communcations and Technology Agency, says: "The brilliance of Credits is that it encourages achievement by individuals and communities. Its success is due to the qualities of those who deliver it and to the capabilities of the students."

* Sue Royal examines student funds through websites as financial hardship forces more students to try for scholarships and bursaries. She highlights websites which students can use to find grants, scholarships and bursaries. As she writes: "Diana, who is also studying economics at Durham, found there were 20 bursaries she could apply for. The one she wants, which would give her a sum towards books and living expenses, has to be applied for in January."

All this is available on the Online website, so go to right now

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