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Additional inspectors - the new Marmite?

I had been acting headteacher for three weeks when I received the dreaded phone call from Ofsted - eight months ahead of schedule!

All went well, with lots of positive feedback and a great report we could build on. But our previous Ofsted report, under the old criteria, had been a grade higher, so I was petrified about what prospective parents would think.

A few weeks later, a new family arrived to admit their children to our school. When we looked at their address, we informed them that there was another school much closer to their home.

There was a great look of disgust on their faces as they looked at each other, then to the nursery teacher.

They then asked the important question: "Have you seen the colour of their school uniform?"

It taught us all a great lesson - we need to get a little perspective...

Acting headteacher, North East England, name and address supplied.

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