Adventure risks are too great

After several months of soul searching I recently cancelled our summer 2005 adventure week booking at YMCA Lakeside in Cumbria - breaking a 27-year link with the centre. My reasons for not returning are purely personal.

My colleagues for several years now have asked me that, with 33 years of teaching, can I afford to end up in a possible incident which might result in suspension and bad publicity spoiling an unblemished career? I have run and participated in 33 adventure weeks and had only three "near misses".

But is my luck going to run out? The pressure and responsibility from two months prior to the visit weigh heavy alongside my other roles and responsibliities in school.

I have also adopted the "common sense" approach to school visits advised by the chief inspector of schools. There is only one reason for adventure weeks and that is what the kids get out of it. But common sense tells you there are many arguments, sadly, for not going.

I know it has been difficult over the past few years (and I don't suppose this letter will help) but I really do hope that the Lakeside centre goes from strength to strength. It is "one hell of an experience" that the kids and staff never forget.

Robin D White Balby Carr sports college Weston Road Balby, South Yorkshire

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