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Adventures in racist attitudes;Letter

"SCHOOLS ignore issue of racism" (TES, February 26), on the publication of the Macpherson Report, backed up by the leader "schools must therefore place much more emphasis on anti-racism and multi-culturalism".

So what resources does TES recommend? In TES Primary magazine in the same issue we find a glowing review by Michael Thorn of the recently-reissued Adventure series by Willard Price. He says "So what, if the basis of the plots is impossible to credit?" So what, he might have added, if these stories are based on institutionalised racism that is astonished that a "quick-brained savage was able to pick up English" (Cannibal Adventure).

As long as publishers continue to reissue titles like these is it surprising that we have a long way to go in redressing racist attitudes?

Derek Jowett

Team librarian

School Library Service

Churchdown Lane

Hucclecote, Gloucester

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