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Age does not wither abilities

I understand that there is a shortage of mathematics teachers. I also understand that there is some concern about the ageing population and the danger of the elderly being a burden on the younger generation. I have a suggestion which helps with both these problems.

There are many qualified and experienced mathematicians and ex-maths teachers who are over retirement age and therefore ineligible for teaching posts. Remove this restriction.

I am a case in point. I am 70 and very well quaified in maths. I am also a qualified teacher and have experience in secondary and tertiary level teaching as well as research in chemical physics. My original degree is in chemistry (Oxford) and I have recently obtained various advanced qualifications in maths at the Open University.

I am willing to teach at any level, anywhere. Yet so far as I am aware I am not likely to be acceptable, purely on grounds of age.

Dr F E Watson

34 Boxgrove Avenue

Guildford, Surrey

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