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Agency rethinks salaries

UNIVERSITIES were celebrating this week after the Teacher Training Agency backed down on a threat which could have left them counting the cost of the Government's introduction of pound;6,000 training salaries.

When ministers announced the salaries in March in a bid to boost recruitment to postgraduate certificate in education courses, training providers had expected not to have to foot any part of the bill.

But last month, the agency informed the universities that any which recruited more students than the target set for it,would have to pay the training and salary costs of those extra students.

For primary PGCE training providers, who traditionally make more offers to students than they have places, the move would have left them facing costs of pound;9,000 for every extra student.

However, this week the TTA agreed to meet the costs of over-recruitment for primary courses - providing that the offers had been made before April 20. A spokesman described the retreat as an "exceptional concession", which would not be repeated next year.

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