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All about Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia often gets a bad press. A new website, Explore Saudi Arabia from the British Museum (sponsored by Saudi Prince Turki Al Faisal) aims to provide more balance. However, it provokes as many questions as it raises, among them a few about the dangers of sponsorship.

While the history and culture of Saudi Arabia are undoubtedly extremely important - especially for Islam - its politics and social issues are somewhat glossed over on this site.

For example, the Today in Saudi "frequently asked questions" give a view on human rights that is at total variance with what you will find on the Amnesty website.

There are helpful materials here, including the opportunity to hook up with a desert expedition, but a few alternative sources could help those uneasy about the source.

http:web.amnesty.orgreport2003sau-summary-eng What the Saudi embassy says: human-rights-1.htm

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