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All that can be done will be done

Mr Jeyes pays tribute to the Scottish Office for meeting all the costs arising from the tragedy.

Ministers provided Pounds 290,000, which included help to demolish the gym, Pounds 2 million to refurbish the rest of the school, which will take around 18 months, and Pounds 2 million for the police and the council as a whole.

"The willingness of the Government to pay these costs has been impeccable, " Mr Jeyes says. "Just as we have sought to stand unobtrusively by the side of the community, so the Government has stood unobtrusively by our side."

But, the director warns, "we are in for the long haul". The education department estimates its extra costs for 1997-98 could be just over Pounds 400,000 for continued support from the psychological services, additional teachers, counselling for staff, staff support and general school resources.

"This will be a long programme because we are dealing with children's development and addressing the whole needs of the child."

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