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All singing and dancing teachers

It is all very well for your columnist, Chris Wood (TESS, May 19), to argue that using specialist teachers just to reduce contact time is a misuse of their skills. But surely employing a specialist PE or music teacher is preferable to lumping half the school together in the hall to be lectured by the headteacher for an hour - as happens all too often.

Using newly qualified teachers to cover the "McCrone time" of their colleagues is far from satisfactory from the pupils' and the teacher's point of view. I, for one, would happily pass over my class of bouncing six-year-olds to a younger, fitter teacher for PE or to someone who can play the piano or sing in tune for music.

We may be expected to be Jacks (and Jills) of all trades in primary schools, but that shouldn't stop us employing horses for courses.

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