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All Souls' school in Salford

(Photograph) - Play facilities such as the play hut (above) provided good material for seven-year-olds who were asked to describe what they liked about All Souls'

school in Salford for this year's KS1 writing paper.

Sarah Turner, Year 23 class teacher and special needs co-ordinator at the Catholic primary school in Greater Manchester, explained why the school had chosen to do this year's tests: "We did the 2005 tests because we used the 2004 ones to practise with," she said.

"Being able to choose is a really good idea. We can use the topics which fit in nicely so the children feel comfortable. The reading test, for example, was about wobbly teeth, something they have all experienced.

"But if the content of the papers next year is not as relevant, then I would contemplate using the 2005 ones instead."

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