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Alle einsteigen 2

Assessment File. Book and cassette Pounds 31.50 + VAT. Hodder Stoughton The Assessment File for Alle einsteigen 2 is tailor-made for the national curriculum. Tests cover the four attainment targets between levels 2 - 6, as well as the five areas of experience.

Each assessment activity is clearly documented for the teacher. Transcripts, synopses and test answers are provided, along with mark schemes. As usual, most tasks come as photocopiable masters, and various record sheet formats are also included. The authors have not stuck to a rigid scheme. There is room for flexibility in differentiation, levels of support and choice of assessment exercise.

Some of these are specifically grammatical, which reflects a growing recognition of this type of explicit knowledge about language at this level. The file will be essential for users of this course.

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