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Amiable algebra

Two card games from the Association of Teachers of Mathematics encourage key stage 3 learners towards enjoyable familiarity with mathematical ideas. In Two Algebra Jigsaws, they assemble 5x5 patterns in which algebraic expressions on one card need to be aligned with a simplified equivalent on another. In Fourbidden Too, pupils must communicate mathematical concepts inscribed on one half of a card without using any of the four related words printed on the opposite side - not easy if you need to refer to an "axis" and are banned from saying "graph", "origin" and "x" or "y". Two Algebra Jigsaws (pound;7.95) and Fourbidden Too (pound;5.50) are available from ATM, 7 Shaftesbury Street, Derby DE23 8YB.

Tel: 01332 346599. Fax: 01332 204357. Email:

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