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* Cutting-edge technology can help Welsh pupils learn their native tongue in "Eurotalk Interactive's World Talk: Welsh". The CD-Rom of interactive experiences aims to keep you listening and speaking even when you understand very little. You can take part in a TV quiz, practise dictation, play language games to develop conversational skills or go to a recording studio and see how your speech matches up against first-language speakers. World Talk: Welsh is produced by Eurotalk Ltd and costs pound;29.99. It can be ordered by calling 0800 018 8838 or via the website:

Stand: 224

* Communication about homework tasks can easily break down. The "Shared Homework Diary" attempts to solve this problem. The diary consists of double-page spreads divided into boxes. On one side the teacher can describe and date the activity. The pupil can tick a box to say whether it was difficult, thought-provoking, easy or fun. On the other side, parents can comment on how useful the task was. The Shared Homework Diary cost s pound;15.95 for a pack of 35, from Synergy Learning Products Ltd, The Annexe, Saltham Barns, Saltham Lane, Runcton, Chichester, West Sussex PO20 6PU Tel: 0124 779967 Website: Stand: 92

* Puppet hats have been designed to appeal to pupils with a head for puppets. These dolphin, panda or triceratops toys, which fit a small child's head, can be used for role-play or dressing-up games. They can also be used by a teacher as a hand puppet for language work.Puppethats cost pound;17.50 + pound;2.00 pamp;p from Puppets by Post, PO Box 106, Welwyn Garden City AL6 0ZS. Tel: 01438 71 4009 Mobile: 07974 405377 Fax: 01438 71 7484 Email: Website: Stand: 118

* Interactive Learning Charts work on the principle that small children have much to gain from simple resources that they can manipulate. Pupils can fix elements on to sticky Learning Charts. The life cycles chart can be decorated with frog-spawn and tadpoles, eggs, chicks, caterpillars and chrysalises, together with the adult frogs, hens and butterflies. Charts are also available on anatomy, weather and emotions.Life Cycles Chart by Tickit Educational Products costs pound;6.99 from the Commotion Group, Unit 11, Tannery Road, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1RF Tel: 01732 773399 Fax: 01732 773390 Stand: 278

Tom Deveson

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