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And so not to bed with Petronella

His new boss, meanwhile, has already emerged unscathed from the steeplechase facing any half-way attractive politician: the Petronella Wyatt Challenge. Petsy went along to interview the former "scooter-riding mod" Alan Johnson for the Mail on Sunday and emerged to describe him as "the Marcello Mastroianni of British politics". It's not clear if it was "the suit moulded to his trim figure," the "defined, almost Asiatic face with laserlike eyes" the "pomade" (well, gel) on his hair, his "long, tapering fingers" or the fact that he "chortles in a rather guttural, sexy way" that finally won her over. But someone had to keep their senses in this interview and it was the new Education Secretary. Despite all her flirting, he didn't ask for her telephone number, she complains. Wise man.

Just think how much trouble she caused for that other Johnson, Boris.

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