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Anger at classroom ageism;;Opinion;Letter

THE EXPERIENCES of Gillian Keeler (TES Letters, July 24) are not at all unusual. Ageism in schools seems to be the norm.

Even more worrying is the recent campaign by the Teacher Training Agency to attract graduates from industry. Are the TTA not aware of the ageist policies operated by schools and local education authorities?

I wonder how schools hope to convey egalitarianism to the next generation when they display such overt discrimination?

I am in touch with teachers throughout the country who believe they are suffering from this irrational fear of mature candidates. We believe that education in this country is the worse for such policies and are forming the Association of Teachers Against Ageism.

The Department for Education and Employment is currently considering introducing guidelines on ageism in employment, but more positive action is needed.

If you are a teacher and believe you cannot get a post or a promotion due to your age, or if you are a mature student intending a career in teaching, then contact me.

Steve Jackson, 5 The Villas, Great Hatfield, East Yorkshire.

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