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Annabelle Dixon

TES books editor Geraldine Brennan on the inside literary track

The "alphabet of learning" at the centre of First Hand Experience: What Matters to Children (Book of the Week, June 24 2005) should start with A for the late great primary educator Annabelle Dixon (pictured). One of a team of five authors responsible for the book on early learning, she died shortly before its publication. Her co-authors Diane Rich, Denise Casanova, Mary Jane Drummond and Cathy Myer are staging a conference on the themes in the book at the Eden Project on March 24 and 25, 2006, and offering two places in Annabelle Dixon's memory. As well as inspiration from Tim Smit, there is half an alphabet of workshops: 13 sessions including "I is for independent learners"; "K is for knowing"; "L is for listening and looking". Not to mention E for Eden and O for "out and about". Full details at www.richlearning (click on the book link).

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