Anne Thrope tale continues

I write in response to last week's responses - "Space for Ms Thrope after all". I am the person who wrote to the editor originally to share my views as part of feedback about the new TESS. We later entered into correspondence about these articles.

It was the editor Gillian Macdonald's suggestion to put some of my comments into print to see what response there might be and I agreed. As I had put forward my personal views in private correspondence, I wished to remain anonymous.

I actually agree with many of the comments put forward last week by Mr Sutherland, Mr Mitchell, H Wilson and B Kelly about the need for humour in our profession and that this professional magazine should cater for a range of opinion.

But because my correspondence was condensed into one letter, other issues I mentioned were not included, such as "I understand that you need to take many people's views into account when designing a magazine" and "I present to you my own view for your consideration", which is what I aimed to do. I did not lobby the editor in any way.

I also stated that "the element of humour is important in life and there are many moments in teaching which can provide much-needed humour" and that I find the Kids Talk section or Morris Simpson's Diary much more likely to provide light relief.

In all my correspondence I stated that my choice is not to read Ms Thrope's articles. This will continue to be the case, but I respect those who wish to read them.

Name and address supplied.

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