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Anomaly in the value of awards

As well as the usual sixth-form curriculum, we offer Years 12 and 13 pupils ASA teachers' qualifications levels 1 and 2 (in swimming), the RLSS national pool lifeguard qualification, and the British Sports Trust community sports leader award.

The community sports leader award now carries points on the tariff of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, but the ASA and RLSS do not, even though they have been brought into line with national vocational qualifications. These two qualifications also require more hours of guided learning and are harder to achieve.

Have other providers of vocational courses found similar discrepancies?

Pressure on governing bodies and UCAS to promote parity for young people should help to wake up the establishment and encourage them to award points for professional qualifications of good standing.

Pat Contreras Harrogate Granby high school North Yorkshire

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