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Another look at bad behaviour

We are responding to your article "Behaviour: are you winning?" (TES, March 4).

You refer to "raucous and unruly boys", but in our opinion it is not only boys that are unruly. Girls can be just as bad.

We were quite surprised to learn of the increased levels of self-harm in secondary schools but realise that this could be due to hormonal problems.

Schools with worrying levels of drug abuse, gang culture and behavioural problems seem to be receiving little support.

It is good to know that extreme violence is rare in schools, but our view is that there should be more parental involvement. With regard to headteachers searching pupils, we believe that this could result in sexual allegations being made against staff. Why not have metal-detection devices at the entrances to buildings?

We also feel that we are not winning because schools move out the badly-behaved children during inspections so that they can achieve good results, rather than showing situations in the school as they really are.

Jean Godwin

Linda Warwick

Bolede Olowookere

Paula Lord

Helen Mayi Colon

Students, Varna Adult Learning Centre

Barrass Street


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