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AOC's board and senior staff members: Register of Interests

AOC Board members

Graham Baskerville

AOC vice chairman

Interests (disclosed December 7, 1997)

JP, member of the Wiltshire Police Authority, principal of Chippenham College, director of the University of Swindon and Wiltshire, director of the North Wilts Business Link. Member of Association of Principals of Colleges, fellow of the Institute of Management, fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, member of the Magistrates' Association.

Wife: part-time teacher at Chippenham College.

Michael Blagden

Interests (disclosed December 11, 1997)

Principal and chief executive of Southgate College, director of Enter Training Services (college subsidiary company).

Vice-president of APC, member of Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

Wife: Ann Blagden, head of learning support, Capel Manor College.

Son: lecturer in multimedia and IT, Southgate College, Daughter: no interests.

Nicholas Brown

Interests (disclosed December 12, 1997)

Principal of Oldham Sixth Form College, board member of Centra (unpaid and elected), board member of Oldham TMC (unpaid), member of Secondary Heads Association, member of APC, member of Lancashire Cricket Club.

Wife works for Tameside local authority as an adviser to schools.

Michael Clegg

Interests (disclosed December 15, 1997)

Principal of Preston College, director of Preston Training Ltd, purchaser of AOC services, president of Association of College Managers: negotiating body for management spine staff, exhibitor at AOC conferences, director of Responsive Colleges Unit. Exhibitor at AOC conferences.

Wife: retired primary school teacher.

Hilary Cowell

Interests (disclosed December 15, 1997)

Director and principal, North East Surrey College of Technology, director of subsidiary commercial companies at NESCOT (unpaid), president of the Association of Principals of Colleges, fellow of Chartered Institute of Marketing, fellow of Institute of Personnel Development, fellow of Royal Society of Arts, board member of Southern Regional Council of Education and Training.

Colin Daniels

Interests (disclosed December 11, 1997)

Chief executive of Warrington Chamber of Commerce, chief executive of North Cheshire, Wirral and North Wales Chambers Group, director of Warrington 2000+ Ltd, director of Cheshire Chambers Environmental Ltd, director of Warrington Festival Trust, chairman of Warrington Collegiate Institute, director of Company Plus Ltd (training company of Warrington Collegiate Institute), treasurer of Warrington and District National Federation of Builders, member of True Light Lodge 7323, trustee of Educational Youth and Community Association, co-opted member of Cheshire County Education Committee.

Ray Denison

Interests (disclosed December 9, 1997)

Chief executive of Barnsley Community and Priority Serv. NHS Trust, chairman of Barnsley College, member of First Division Association.

Huw Evans

Interests (disclosed December 12, 1997)

Principalchief executive of Llandrillo College, director of Campus Cymru (College Company), director of FFORWM, Welsh Colleges Forum, board member of NIACE Cymru, member of APC, member of NTO Recognition Panel (unpaid).

Wife: Gillian Evans, is also employed by Llandrillo College as an assistant principal, finance and resources.

John Guy

Interests (disclosed December 5, 1997)

Principal and chief executive of The Sixth Form College, Farnborough.

Payment for contribution to two training events: Pounds 500 Matrix Training (JuneJuly 1997), fellow of Royal Society of Arts, member of Royal Society of Chemistry, council member of Oxford and Cambridge Examination and Assessment Council, Member of SHA.

Wife: Phyllis Tuckwell, staff grade physician at hospice in Farnham.

Barry Hawley

Interests (disclosed December 15, 1997)

Corporation chair at New College Durham, director (retired) of Swallow Hotels Ltd, JP, member of the Magistrates' Association.

David Kissman

Interests (disclosed December 10, 1997)

Chair of Broxtowe College.

In my paid employment with Boots The Chemists, staff in my department, and in other departments for which I am not responsible, do send some of their staff on training programmes at Broxtowe College.

In my paid employment with Boots The Chemists, my training manager has a contractual arrangement with Clarendon College in supporting NVQ training for which we receive financial support. The principal of Clarendon College is also a member of the AOC board. Honorary degree from De Montford University in July 1997.

David Mason

Interests (disclosed November 20, 1997)

Director of ABC Ltd (wholly owned subsidiary of Amersham and Wycombe College), principalchief executive of Amersham and Wycombe College, member of the Association of Principals, director of Careers Enterprise (Bucks) Ltd, member of the FEFC Eastern Regional Committee, fellow of the RSA.

Patricia Morgan-Webb

Interests (disclosed December 15, 1997)

Chief executive and principal of Clarendon College, Nottingham Corporation, director of Greater Nottingham Training and Enterprise Council, member of FEFC regional committee, board member of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

Husband: chief executive of an FE corporation, director of UK League for Innovation.

Howard Thomas Henry Middleton Phelps

Interests (disclosed December 5, 1997)

Trustee: Brewery Arts Ltd, Chedworth Village Trust Ltd, Greenwood Trust, Hatfield Trust. Chairman of Cirencester College, Rendcomb College, governor: Chedworth primary school, president of Durham University Society, president and fellow of Hatfield College Durham, fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, fellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport.

Wife: no interests, daughter: no interests.

James Scrimshaw

Interests (disclosed December 5, 1997)

Director of Telephone Cables Ltd, chairman of Barking College Corporation, chairman of Barking and Dagenham Education Business Partnership Trust, chairman of LETEC Strategic Forum, co-opted member of London borough of Barking and Dagenham education committee.

Pamela Taylor

Interests (disclosed December 12, 1997)

Chair of Barton Perveril College, paid employment with Jubilee Sailing Trust.

Michael Tobbell

Interests (disclosed December 12, 1997)

Managing director and 50 per cent shareholder in JEAT Ltd, governor of Notre Dame Sixth Form College, Leeds.

Malcolm Wharton

Interests (disclosed December 4, 1997)

Principal of Hartpury College, director of Limbury Ltd (wholly owned subsidiary of Hartpury College), director of Rudgley Services Ltd (wholly owned subsidiary of Hartpury College), director of Teachdeal Ltd (wholly owned subsidiary of Hartpury College).


John Brennan

Interests (disclosed December 14, 1997)

Governor of Salisbury College, governor of New College, Swindon. Occasional lectures: South Bank University - June 1997 (Fee Pounds 52), ACM - December 1997 (Gift of bottle of champagne).

Wife is governor of the George Ward comprehensive, Melksham.

Peter Brophy

Interests (disclosed November 25, 1997)

Personal friend of Nick Gray, of Ryan Gray Hamilton, independent financial advisers. France Angleterre handled hotel arrangements for the Chinese delegation (France Angleterre were the previous employers of wife). Disclosed December 12: director of AOC Management, Services Ltd, director of CEF Consultancy Services Ltd, cheque signatory N Stewart Associates re annual conference.

Linda Butler

Interests (disclosed December 8, 1997)

Fellow of Institute of Personnel and Development.

Husband: Derek Miles is a paid employee of Focus, London, and chairman of the board of the Institute of Personnel and Development.

Susan Dutton

Interests (disclosed December 11, 1997)

Fellow of Institute of Personnel and Development, Association of College Management, director of AOC Management Services, member of Neil Stewart Associates (cheque signatory for annual conference with P Brophy).

Husband: M Dutton, member of staff at College of NW London.

Stephen Gribble

Interests (disclosed December 12, 1997)

Around 1,000 shares in Queens Moat House Hotels - current value Pounds 120, partner's employment as HR consultant occasionally employed by AOC Management Services for various contracts.

Marcia Roberts

Interests (disclosed December 8, 1997)

Member of Institute of Personnel and Development, member of Association for College Management, member of Industrial Law Society, director of AOC Management Services.

Husband: Andrew Roberts is a paid employee of Royal Mail.

Judith Norrington

Interests (disclosed December 18, 1997)

Director of Beacon Awards, board member of Glass Qualifications Authority (unpaid).

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