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Apology for turfed-out students

TRAINEE teachers who were forced out of their hall of residence to make way for a corporate client, are to receive an apology.

The move disrupted the students who were completing the final assessments for their post-graduate certificates in education.

The students at Greenwich university, south London, were left without internet access and one contacted The TES to complain.

A university spokesman said: "PGCE students have an unusually long academic year, which continues for two weeks beyond that of other students. We make a commitment that they will be able to continue to live in halls when other students leave. But it is not possible for us to keep the whole Avery Hill student village open for a relatively small number of students."

He added that it was not uncommon for universities to ask students to move into a single block, so that the others can be redecorated and freed up for bookings. He said Greenwich would review its arrangements and would apologise to the students.

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